Wednesday, 17 August 2016

14 & 15 August

Today the team came back from their 2 night camping trip up at Skutch. Unfortunately, Louise was again forced to stay at basecamp because of breathing problems when walking up the hill, which turns out to be caused by bronchitis. The first night Alex took a time-lapse of the starry sky up at Vulture Rock. This week it is possible to see many shooting stars from the meteorshower ‘Perse├»ds’ so these are nice and visible on the time-lapse video. Louise also went out to see it together with Emma, one of the volunteers, and they saw many many shooting stars.
The team caught 15 frogs in total up at Skutch, which again we will re-ID back at basecamp using the pictures. After the team got back we went out for our weekly shopping trip at the small supermarket in San Gerardo. In the evening when everyone was relaxing, two Costa Ricans suddenly visited, which normally never happens at this time. They told us that when they went out hiking today, they lost their friend and he had still not returned. Alex and Kristina went out with the two guys to where they had last seen their friend, while Louise and Jen stayed at camp and checked if he was found at the Talamanca Reserve, which borders with Cloudbridge. We all stayed in contact using walkie talkies. Unfortunately, they were unable to find him and had to return. The next day Alex showed Oscar and Edgar, two local workers of the reserve, where he had been seen last and they continued the search. Luckily they know the area like the back of their hand, so they will be able to search on both the Cloudbridge and the Talamancan trails. At around 8am the guys from last night came back to start looking for their friend again. They looked very worried, knowing that their friend had to spend the night out in the jungle. Which is more than logical. After only an hour they returned. With lost friend! Once he got lost and it was dark he luckily managed to bump into a cabin where he spent the night in a hammock. Anyway, we are all very happy that he eventually managed to find his way back and that he is safe.

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