Saturday, 6 August 2016

1 August

This morning the tent arrived. Cloudbridge is hiring a 4 person tent for the coming 3 weeks so we and the other volunteers can go up to Mount Skutch to conduct surveys there. It is at 2300m so too far to keep walking up and down every day. We will be alternating between two nights on the mountain and then two nights here in basecamp. We are very excited to go up and see what species we can find. The trip becomes even more exciting when you think about that we will actually be the first people to do surveys there. Until now people have only sometimes been in this part of the reserve to hike. But as it is quite a long and steep hike up, most people stick to the more well-known paths. The rest of the day we started getting together everything on our kit list to check nothing was missing. Tomorrow is our last day to buy possible missing equipment and then our camping adventure will begin.
Today the group of students also left, which means that we can move back into the dorm. It just makes it a lot easier to have everything in the same place again instead of spread out between several houses.

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