Sunday, 31 July 2016

30 July

This morning Louise was at the welcome centre until 1 in the afternoon. It is so nice to meet people all over the world and tell them about the forest and the project that we do. It always is a mix of locals and people from all different countries, America, the Netherlands, Switzerland, St Martin, Germany, etc. It still amazes me when some locals come running past the welcome centre into the reserve. Of course they are probably more used to it but they really must have some strong leg muscles to be able to run up these hills. Every year there is an annual race up to Cerro Chirripo. Where it would normally take you 10 to 14 hours to get to the top, last year the fastest person made it to the top in just 4 hours! A hummingbird regularly visiting the flowers opposite the welcome centre made the time fly past. The rest of the day we worked on the data entries, report writing and photo editing.

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