Wednesday, 27 July 2016

26 July

Tuesday, moving day! Tomorrow a group with 20 British students is coming to the reserve for 5 nights. This means everyone has to move out of the dorms and into Casita Blanca, Frank’s house or Casita Gavilan. Our team has been moved up the mountain into Casita Gavilan. It’s a very basic cabin with a kitchen and beds for 4 people in the same area. There is also a very nice outside decking area with benches, a hammock and a fantastic view of mountain Uran. Luckily we are allowed to leave our food where it is and bring all stuff that we don’t need at the cabin to Casita Blanca, which is just around the corner from the dorms. So after a morning of packing and cleaning we walked up to Gavilan with our big backpacks. It really feels like an expedition now! Up at the cabin we played some cards and baseball with some fruit that we found before returning back to camp for dinner. After dinner we went out on a transect again, which also happened to be on Gavilan tonight. On the way up Louise managed to spot an Olingo! Our first one so far.

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