Sunday, 24 July 2016

23 July

This morning Louise was working at the welcome centre from 8 until 1. It was quite busy with both locals and tourists coming to visit the reserve. Some just come for a little stroll but some people were planning on seeing the Don Victor waterfalls on the far side of the reserve! In the afternoon we went down to San Gerardo. Our shopping day was moved a day forward as tomorrow both Frank and Jen will be away. We also went down to pick up Kristina, our 4th team member, who finally arrived in Costa Rica after a very long travel. Luckily it had all gone well, except that all electronic chargers and batteries had fallen out of the bag somewhere between London and the U.S.
As even after her long travel Kristina had some energy left we went for a short practice walk along the river to look for some frogs. It was not long until we found the first Emerald Glassfrog, but unfortunately it was too high on the leaf and before we could reach it, it jumped off into safety. A few minutes later Kristina spotted her first frog! She already seems to be on it in finding these small creatures. Tomorrow evening we will be going on an official survey again.

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