Saturday, 30 July 2016

29 July

Both Louise and Alex have been trying to get some hummingbird pictures but it is incredibly hard as they never ever stay at a flower for more than a few seconds. Even though they look so pretty and cute, hummingbirds are actually very aggressive birds. Like most animals they all have their own territory, but for hummingbirds this includes their own personal flowers that no other bird is allowed to take nectar from. Several times already we have witnessed a hummingbird chasing away others. This includes insects! One time we saw a proper fight between two. When after a long chase one bird fell on the ground the other kept hoovering above and pecking it.
Kristina had her first welcome centre duty this morning. She had an easy morning as only two groups of people came by. Louise, Valerie and Alex went back to the Sentinel trail to see if the hummingbird was sitting on its nest again. When we got there he was not there, but we did see two tiny, perfectly light pink coloured eggs. Amazing to see. We will go back in a few days to hopefully film and take photos of the parent sitting on the nest, so keep watching this page. After this, Valerie and Louise continued their walk to visit one of the bigger waterfalls, Catarata Caldera, on the reserve. Unfortunately it started raining half way down. After sitting in the shelter of some trees for a while we still tried to go down to the waterfall but we decided it was too slippery, so we will be going back some other time. In the afternoon and evening we watched some movies and played games with the whole group which was great fun as always.

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