Monday, 18 July 2016

16 & 17 July

It is weekend, so time to catch up on sleep and relax. Most people do try to get a lie in but it is hard when the dorms get light so early. Louise and Valerie still keep waking up around 5/6 every morning. As it was such a sunny and warm morning, Louise, Valerie and two of the volunteers went for a swim by the waterfalls just outside camp. It is very chilly but so nice and refreshing! But you definitely need the sun to be out to warm up again. The rest of the day everyone had time to do something for themselves. Alex went out on a hike to get some photos but came back soaked from the rain.
On Sunday of course it was shopping day. But before this we went for breakfast at the Secret Gardens again and after that for a dip in the hot springs of San Gerardo. It just looks like a normal pool, but in the middle of the jungle and it is so nice and warm that the steam comes off the water. The plan for the afternoon was to get the pitfall traps out at the three different locations, but from 2pm it started pouring with rain and did not stop again until somewhere at night. So our plans for going out on a night transect also got washed away. But just as Louise was going to ask Jen whether to go out or not she bumped into a cane toad, so we still found something!. And that’s a new species for our expedition! The toad looked a lot scarier than the small cute frogs we have found so far.

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