Saturday, 9 July 2016

9 July

This morning we only did a small walk by the waterfalls. But the distance was evened out by the steepness of the path. The waterfalls are beautiful but very rough and make so much noise you can still hear them at the top of the mountain. We set one camera trap along the path next to the river, so hopefully in the next few days we will find some interesting photos on it which we will post on this blog. In the afternoon we tried a longer hike, longer than we did yesterday. We started with the path Jilguero and then turned back to the camp via Gavilan. Basically, Jilguero was straight up the mountain and Gavilan back down. Flat ground does not exist here in Costa Rica it seems. My knees were shaking after walking down for such a long time. The Jilguero path is where we set up the second camera trap. The views on the way were amazing again and we spotted several Emerald toucanets and a Black guan. Right at the top we were in the middle of a cloud which immediately made the forest a lot darker, as if the sun had suddenly set. With this it also became a lot more quiet and for the first time we could not hear the waterfalls but just the wildlife around us.

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