Monday, 11 July 2016

11 July

At 7:30 we started the identification of all the frogs that we found the previous night. We caught eight frogs in total which is a really good number. Jen helped us with the first few and then we took over. But when we did it ourselves the identification suddenly took a lot longer! We have brought a lightbox with us to get some good pictures of the frogs which we can later use to produce an identification booklet for the frogs found in the reserve. Afterwards of course we released the frogs at the exact spot where we found them yesterday. This transect will now not be used anymore for a few days, so the frogs don’t get disturbed the whole time.
Every Monday evening we have potluck. Everyone has to bring one dish and then we all share it together. Today we chose to make pancakes and fruit salad. It was great to see the creations everyone had put together. From lasagne to fruit salad, from crisps with bean dip to pineapple curry. Afterwards we went on another training survey, this time on the Jilguero path, so up the mountain again. Quite soon already we spotted a tarantula hiding in a tree hole. Jen tried to make it catch a small twig she was holding but the spider could not be fooled. Soon after the start of the first transect one of the reptile volunteers felt very ill so he and Louise turned back to camp while the rest continued to finish the four transects. They found a good number of frogs again, 10! We will be identifying them again tomorrow morning.

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