Tuesday, 26 July 2016

24 July

We started with identifying the frog we found on last nights walk. When we caught it the frogs had a light green/yellow colour, but when we looked at it this morning is was almost black, so dark. This is why we are not allowed to ID frogs by looking at their colour. After IDing we went for another swim by the waterfall. Yesterday the guys had found a new, much higher waterfall of about 15 meters. Eventhough it does look a lot cooler, there was quite a strong current and it was difficult to get in and out of the water. So after one dip Kristina, Valerie and Louise went back the already known swimming spot.
In the evening we had a survey on El Jilguero again. At one spot where there are quite a lot of grassy bushes we found a lot of crassidigitus. They definitely like this vegetation. In between two transects we came to an open patch with little trees and saw that the sky was completely clear. It was such a beautiful starry sky and we even saw some shooting starts. After we finished our transects and half walked and slid back down the trail, Alex went back up to an open space to take some nice starry night pictures.

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