Saturday, 30 July 2016

28 July

The spot on Sendero El Jilguero where we set up our camera trap seems to be quite a busy wildlife route. Twice now we have had the Tamandua pass and there is also a bird that keeps visiting the camera at night. New on the camera trap is an opossum. It took a while before we could ID it because it stayed quite a distance from the camera. But the most regular visitors are a family of peccary. Apparently there is a small cave close to this side of the trail where they stay. So whenever they go foraging, which is both during the day and at night they pass our camera.
Our night transect today was on MontaƱa and Sentinal. Sentinel does not take long at all because it only has two transects, both of 100m instead of 150m. Unfortunately only one frog for us tonight, but then also another blue-eyed anole. On Sentinel we made a very exciting discovery: a hummingbird on a nest! We will be going back tomorrow to hopefully get some good photos and maybe do some filming as well.

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