Thursday, 14 July 2016

13 July

First of all, happy birthday to our camp manager Frank!
We started the day with IDing the four frogs we found last night. Very excited and curious to know what tree frog we had caught we started with this one. However, it turned out to be more difficult than we thought and in the end we spend 1.5 hours going through different identification keys in de book. But we can now at least say that it is an Isthmohyla pseudopuma although we prefer saying that we found a puma. After the reptile volunteers had finished identifying the small snake, it was time for his photoshoot in the lightbox. It is very hard to take photos of a constantly moving snake!
In the afternoon a whole group of American high school students came to camp. They will stay here until Saturday morning, exploring the reserve and helping with tree planting.
For the first time we did the evening transects without the help of Jen, just to see if we would still find frogs. And we did! Quite soon already Alex spotted a litter frog and a glass frog. And higher up the hill Louise found another two litter frogs. For these small frogs you really have to focus on the ground while you are lightly disturbing the leaf litter with a stick. The only way to see them is when they jump because they have the exact same colour as all the brown leaves on the floor.

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