Monday, 18 July 2016

15 July

Funny thing, again the American group had too much for breakfast, so Louise and Valerie had some left-over scrambled eggs, thanks again. A German volunteer, Tobias, made two prototypes of the new design of the pitfall traps that we are going to try out. In the morning he explained what materials to use and then we made the rest of the buckets. Surprisingly, the buckets we had to use for these pitfall traps used to be filled with delicious flavours of ice cream before, which made us very jealous. This different design of pitfall trap is based on the idea that the frog enters the bucket through a door to hide in the litter inside and cannot leave the trap afterwards anymore because the flap only opens one way. Within the next few days we will be placing 2 traps at 3 different locations. Hopefully we will catch some frogs. As the American group had taken over the kitchen again in the afternoon, we cooked spaghetti and sausages at Jens and Franks house. In the afternoon we had time for ourselves and Louise made great rice pudding (which took over one hour!). Around 17.00 we were asked to join the rest at the Uran restaurant as a French student, Baptiste, was leaving after studying mushrooms for three months. We were with a very big group and everybody had something to drink or eat. The dishes here are huge but very good!

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